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Jáuregui y Del Valle


Jáuregui y Del Valle, S.C. (“JDV”), founded in 1975, is one of the most recognised full-service law firms in Mexico. For more than four decades we have been involved in some of the country’s highest profile legal transactions, whether that is successfully structuring complex operations for investment projects in Mexico or participating in the placement of multi-million-dollar loans for productive activities. We have provided legal advice to the public sector on the privatization of companies and services, including the first two public-private partnership projects in Mexico. 

Our strengths

At JDV we have experts recognized in diverse areas of legal practice, who contribute with their knowledge and skills in common effort to benefit our clients. As JDV team, we strive to provide day-to-day legal advice that stands out for the creativity in design of innovative solutions for both Mexican and international businesses. Our success is sustained in both longstanding expertise and versatile skills of new generations of lawyers. Due to alliance with law firms in the most relevant markets worldwide, we also provide legal advice to international clients.

Mission: Achieve outstanding outcomes for our clients, advising on their most important and complex opportunities or issues through having the brightest talent, the innovative approach and the broadest understanding of the issues business face, today and in the future.

Vision: At Jauregui Y Del Valle we aspire to be Mexico’s most successful and authentic full-service law firm with a strong commitment with the excellence.


  • ·        Teamwork: we are convinced that within Jáuregui y Del Valle and with our clients, teamwork is the key to achieve the best results.
  • ·        Knowledge: We have a deep understanding of the law, as well as of the engines and markets of our clients acknowledging their importance.
  • ·        Commitment: Proud of the communities we live in, we work with a strong social responsibility commitment.
  • ·        Curiosity: We never stand still, we are up to date and aware of present and future issues.





investments and economic activities

Including industry, trade and services in the most relevant markets around the world.

structuring foreign equity investments

A market leader in advising highly-regulated entities.

privatizations of government-owned companies

 Advice to companies of all types and government-owned utilities.

public bid processes and procurement

Legal services in all kinds of agreements with government entities.


We are a multidisciplinary law firm from Mexico, specialized in international business transactions.

Firm Profile